Ann PhilippAnn Philipp lives in Northern California with one husband and three  four Рokay pretty sure there are five Рcats. Others that share her space are greedy squirrels, ninja gophers and clairvoyant vultures.

She writes humorous murder mysteries, short stories, funny screenplays, and any type of humor that will make her laugh.

Our Kitties:
Connor came to us as a kitten after a friend trapped him at Analy High School. Sophia was our foster kitten from Forgotten Felines. Connor took one look at Sophia and fell in love. Who wouldn’t?

Kitty Love

Connor, black and silver tabby. Sophia, gray with white.

Lilly came to us as a stray. The vet thinks she’s about 10 years old.

Lilly Mae

Lilly Mae

AKA – BooBug, Boobalie, Baseboard Boo, Queen Boo.
Boo was living in our field with her feral mom.
Now she lives inside with her other feral mom (i.e. me).

Queen Boo

Queen Boo

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