Mystery Plant

I’m so curious as to what this plant is on the left, that I’m letting it live until it reveals itself. I’m hoping for the rare Felt leaved violet, last seen in Tahoe in 2010. Okay, maybe I’m being overly optimistic. But no bursting of my bubble until this thing blooms.

The lemon cucumber on the right is not from my seedlings, I bought one because my zucchini starts got mixed up with my cucumber starts. Now I have three other squash that will remain a mystery until they bloom. And you know how I love a good mystery.

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3 Responses to Mystery Plant

  1. Connie says:

    Weed…and not the kind you smoke!!!

  2. It looks like borage and if it is, you my not be able to smoke it, but you can drink it! I forget what borage is good for, but it has health properties. You’re making me want to go pull the thistles (10 feet tall) and get my garden started–even if a bit late…

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